Engineer in Topography and Land Surveying
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This website aims at introducing myself and the services that I can offer to your company. You can find on it, among other things, information about my scolarity and my work experience.

Please visit the different sections, and discover the various possibilities that I can bring you. My commitment to do high quality work to meet the expectations of my employers, their clients, and my colleagues will certainly make you very satisfied to work with me.

Engineer in Topography and Land Surveying, I'll be happy to bring you my services in various fields: management of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), of databases, building software tools, quality / productivity procedures, user training and support, map making, work in the fields of geomatics.

If my profile matches a job vacancy in your company, or if you need any additional information, please contact me.

This site is constantly evolving, please check it regularly, and don't hesitate to keep my contact information in your files for any future need.

Sébastien Merlet (Sebeto)

Engineer in Topography and Land Surveying
Database and GIS manager

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